Fuck Yeah Ryan O'Reilly
The tag is stuck

The tag is stuck

Ryan O’Reilly is on Twitter! This is so exciting. Ryan_OReilly90


I hope his tweets are as hilarious as Gabe’s.

So here it is folks…sorry for the late update I was at work


Ryan O’Reilly interview

Someone got a haircut…. And shaved

Hey guys if you have any photo submissions go ahead and submit them. With it being the off season and all not so many pictures to post

Some O’Reilly videos

So I couldn’t find any pictures from todays game but Mr. O’Reilly had two goals in todays victory.  Way to go Ryan!

Wait wait, O’Reilly is injured? I can see that IIHL is just like the NHL and finding out what exactly is wrong is going to be nearly impossible. A friend told me (who watched the game) said it was a minor injury. Ok we all know Ryan it would take a lot more then a minor injury to keep him from playing. I mean the boy played with a broken nose. If anyone has any answers please let me know…